Best Adult Roller Skates – 2023 Buyer Guide #2

Roller or quad skates have been around for a while (particularly used by children) and have made a strong comeback with huge popularity amongst adults too – thanks to the modern and innovative features and models that are now readily available in the market.

There is a wide range of adult skates that you can opt from, and that can be a daunting ask at times.

Do not despair though, as we have written this guide to give you a review of some of the best roller skates available, as well as a buyer’s guide that highlights some key considerations that you need to bear in mind when purchasing your ideal roller skates.

Top 10 Roller Skates for Adults

Here we have shortlisted the top 10 roller skates that adults – both beginner and pro roller skaters – can choose from. These are the best products that you can get your hands on and the decision making becomes relatively easier when you have all the important features, functionalities and details laid down for you. Let us look at them in detail.


Roller Derby Candi Grl Sabina Artistic Roller Skates





  • The Roller Derby is a freestyle skate that is apt for roller skaters of all ages.
  • It has a synthetic upper cover, comforted padded lining, reinforced heel region and added padded tongue on the toe area.
  • These Roller Derby skates have high impact chassis that comes standard with PU cushioning.
  • Some technical specifications include Bevo Silver-5 Speed Rated (carbon) and 56mm/33mm PU cast wheels.
  • These Roller Derby Candi Grl roller skates are available in a price range of $66.41 – $152.94.

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates





  • The Chicago Women’s classic quad roller skate is hand-made and imported.
  • The boot is classy and well-crafted – thanks to the traditional high-top profile rink pattern that it entails, along with excellent support to the skater’s ankles.
  • It incorporates easy lacing system that has adjustable eyelets and speed hooks for a perfect fitting on the go.
  • The aluminum base plate has double adjustable truck and chassis, jump bar and flexible toe stop (5/8”) that offers a great turning experience and solid control.
  • These Chicago skates can be conveniently used for indoor skating or to skate outdoors in skate parks or on the streets– thanks to its durable vinyl construction.
  • The urethane spoke core wheels (60mm) come standard with 608Z semi precision speed bearings that offer immaculate traction and control, in view of the routine wear and tear that is expected from a pair of roller skates.
  • It is available in white color and multiple sizes, such as youth sizes (1 – 5), ladies’ sizes (6 – 11) by way of example.
  • These Chicago classic roller skates for women are available in a price range of $48.58 – $114.94.

Chicago Men’s Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate





  • This iconic Roller Rink Skate from Chicago is specifically designed for gliding and is quite popular for all-around rink skating as well as for recreational skaters alike. This has been so for many decades now, and these skates are no exception to the trend.
  • These Chicago skates feature a controlled high-top for enhanced safety and include high quality laces for optimum protection. These collectively ensure that your feet are well-protected and comfortable.
  • The urethane wheels respond well to the usual wear and tear and ensure a smooth ride that is stable and in control also offering great traction. The semi-precision bearings help the skater have a smooth roll in a fast manner.
  • The high-top profile of the boot helps support the ankle and the simple eyelet/speed hook lacing system offers maximum adjustment to the rider on the go.
  • Some of its key specifications include an aluminum base plate that has adjustable truck offering convenient turning and control. The wheels are appropriate for use indoor as well as outdoor skating making them good street skates.
  • These Chicago roller skates for men are available in a price range of $61.29 – $124.44.

Riedell Skates – Dart – Quad Roller Speed Skates





  • The Riedell skates are high quality and super durable. That is what they are known for and these dart quad roller skates are no exception. They are hand-made and constructed from vinyl material that is both breathable and durable.
  • These adjustable skates offer an easy lace system and a Velcro cinch strap that makes these skates super flexible and easy to wear, and at the same time, keeps the feet secure.
  • They also feature ABEC-5 ball bearings (with polished steel) for super-smooth rolling, due to reduced friction.
  • They are designed with ‘safety first’ in mind and have a low and comfy fit wrapping around the ankle region.
  • The roller derby skates have 62mm and 93A hardness polyurethane wheels that are designed to offer the rider with added grip and toughness to the overall structure of the skates.
  • The price range of these Riedell quad roller skates is between $115-$158.83, which is what you should expect to pay for a high-quality brand like Riedell.

XFY Premium Leather Quad Roller Skates





  • The XFY quad roller skates are renowned for comfort. The are breathable, soft and porous. This helps in extracting the heat that builds up during skating and keeps the skater cool and comfortable. It also incorporates high-performance features along with advanced design focusing on comfort.
  • The boots can be described as classic and composite that display modern felt lining for best fit and enhanced ankle support.
  • The aluminum chassis is light, sturdy, flexible, and features adjustable toe stops.
  • These skates are manufactured as a special edition which is represented by special rock slabs and aluminum vehicles.
  • It can be an ideal healthy and recreational gift for both, children as well as adults.
  • These XFY quad roller skates are available at a price tag of $129.00.

WE&ZHE Roller Skates





  • The WE&ZHE classic double-row roller skates are much safer as compared to straight roller skates, and as such, ideal for those adopting skating for the very first time or those who are novice at skating.
  • The skates incorporate your normal shoe fabric and feel, which makes it ideal and easy to wear. They are comfortable and breathable from the inside and allows the rider to dissipate heat and prevent sweating and odor, which is common amongst a lot of roller skates out in the market today.
  • These are perfect companion for clubs, carnivals, parties or even street skating. These skates are bound to get people’s attention and is ideal if that is what you are trying to achieve – thanks to its unique styling, high-top aesthetics and practical functionality.
  • These WE&ZHE roller skates are available for a price of $100.40.

NZB Double Row Skates





  • The NZB double row skates are safer and more stable than their straight counterparts, and hence, are ideal for beginners or not yet professional roller skaters.
  • The skate offers adjustable features that guarantee comfort and size adjustment for riders of all sizes.
  • The skate has strongly supported boots, which are inherently soft and breathable, and feature safety locks and a sturdy front bezel as well.
  • This is an upgraded design that features top quality rugged wheels and chassis, which collectively aim to provide a safe and superb roller skating experience.
  • These NZB Double Row Skates are available at a price tag of 152.09.

WE&ZHE Skate Gear Soft Classic Faux Leather Roller Skates





  • The WE&ZHE soft classic skating gear is renowned for being tough, which is primarily attributable to its sturdy wheels that act as shock absorbers.
  • The design includes classic high-top soft boot that gives maneuverability and comfort, as well as optimum support and safety, even on a slippery rink floor at the local roller rink.
  • The aluminum base plate has adjustable truck that is idea for convenient turning and affording superb control. The wheels are appropriate for use either indoors or for outdoor skating in a skate park or the streets.
  • The skates are versatile as they can be used for all-around roller rink skating, gliding, jam skating or rhythm skating.
  • The product is well-designed and lightweight, making it easily portable. The easy-pull shoelaces and moisture-wick features are good to have for rider of any age.
  • These classic WE&ZHE roller skates are available at a price of $165.15, which is slightly pricey as compared to other models in the market but certainly gives you more for your money.

GPFDM Adjustable Roller Skates for Adult & Youth


  • The GPFDM are freestyle quad skates which can be conveniently used by adults and youth alike.
  • They are designed to be tough and durable, as the wide base of the wheels can act as an ideal shock absorber and provide a convenient ride. These wheels are suitable for indoor skating as well as outdoor use.
  • The classic high-top soft boot design affords maneuverability and comfort, and at the same time gives the rider optimum support and safety.
  • The aluminum base plate comes with adjustable truck for convenient turning and control.
  • These are perfect for all-around roller rink skating/gliding, jam skating or rhythm skating.
  • These adjustable GPFDM roller skates are available for a reasonable price of $93.34.

SE711 Unisex Roller Skates


  • The SE711 roller skates are good to be worn by either sex and are easy and convenient to wear and use.
  • They offer a traditional high-top rink pattern boot design that provides great support to the ankles.
  • The lacing system is simple and easy and includes eyelets and speed hooks that are adjustable.
  • The boots had soft and comfortable padding that helps you to keep the feet secure and cozy.
  • The frame of the skate is made from molded polymer which is renowned for its durability and stability. These are meant to retain their shape and performance even after continued use for a long time.
  • The inner liner can be easily removed for cleaning purposes and can be machine washed too.
  • The skates can be used indoor as well as outdoor and have a durable vinyl boot.
  • The urethane spoke core wheels (60mm) come with 608Z semi precision speed bearings for excellent traction and control against routine wear and tear.
  • It can be an ideal gift for your boyfriend or a loved one who enjoys the sport of roller skating.
  • These unisex roller skates are available for a stunning price of $82.99.

Features to Check

Finding the right pair of roller skates for you (or your dear ones) requires patience and knowledge. The last thing you want to do when buying roller skates is to rush into a decision as you found the cheapest one available, or something that was easy to purchase online, as you didn’t had much time to research and review. This can backfire badly and even worse, may not be the safest and best option.

You can purchase skates either online or in store, and they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types, each with their pros and cons, depending on features, functionalities and the brand.

No matter what you purchase and where you purchase it from, always ensure that you incorporate the following basic aspects into your decision making, along with your specific requirements.


The material of a skate has a direct correlation with the comfort aspect and hence, is a vital component when purchasing a skate.

Depending on the model, brand and purpose, different skates use different materials to satisfy their customers. The underparts of the skate are made from trucks; however, you can also find some manufacturers using plastic, aluminum or steel frames – this will vary with the quality and pricing of the skate. As you would expect, the aluminum or steel frames are the sturdiest and offer more longevity. At the same time, they are more expensive and understandably so. There are some other options when it comes to material such as nylon, fiberglass or other metal alloys.

The boot is commonly made with hands and utilizes leather (as you would expect it to be used on regular shoes). The man-made material is cheaper and more comfortable, and hence commonly seen in high-end models. Leather is the best quality of material that you can find and is meant to last longer and offer optimum support to the feet. Again, this is meant to be pricier and that is expected.


Rollers skates are available in varying style and designs. You need to understand the different styles that the boots are meant to have, to get the best one for your specific purpose. Let us consider them in some detail.

Roller Derby Skates – as the name suggests, are designed for derby sport and similar competitive leagues. The design of roller derby skates is specific which is meant to satisfy the requirements of the athletes of that sport. These skates are renowned for durability, ability to make quick turns, and achieve high speeds. These are the preferred ones as compared to other types of roller skates when it comes to professionals or athletes.

Speed Skates – are for athletes or enthusiasts who want to attain cruising speeds while roller skating or speed skating. The style has a low-top design for a more angular movement, which is facilitated by the specialized bearings and wheels.

Artistic Skates – are also called recreational or indoor roller skates. They are usually accompanied with high-tech leather boots for optimum ankle support and added control during artistic skating or roller dancing. The gummy outdoor wheels on these skates are not meant to be used for indoor purposes, as they are hardly constructed, and should not be bought if you are looking to buy something that is an all-purpose roller skate.

Outdoor Skates – as the name suggests, is meant to be used outdoors, and come with softer wheels as compared to those harder wheels contained in indoor skates. They come in two options: the high-top and the low-top boots. These skates are shock-resistant and are ideal for those looking to use them on both indoor and outdoor terrain and all surfaces.


Bearings generally get rated by the Annual Bearing Engineers’ Committee (ABEC). ABEC rating is important if you want to ascertain their quality, and hence the quality of the skates in general.

The higher the rating the better the quality of bearings. This also means that you can use these skates for higher speeds. These ratings are generally published by the manufacturers on their products, the only issue is that you cannot verify them, and must rely on their word. The only thing you can do is to buy your roller skates from a reputable and reliable manufacturer.


These days, most of the wheels are constructed from urethane – a clear departure from conventional plastic models. Urethane wheels are meant to be sturdier and eventually offer smoother rides on multiple, both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The make, texture, size, and overall quality of the wheels are important aspects that you need to factor in when purchasing a skate. They form the base of the product and essentially what gets you moving, and that too at high speeds. Some will offer you speed, whilst others will be more focused on balance and stability. The size has a major impact on its performance, so choose wisely.

The larger the wheels, the faster the speeds you can expect to extract from them. That is why you see larger wheels in racing skates.

On the contrary, the smaller the wheels the better the acceleration. Smaller wheels also decelerate quickly. These are the factors that you need to consider when purchasing it for your own specific need.

Having said that, the beginners are suggested to opt for larger wheels for more stability, given the large surface on the ground.


Comfort is important in any product you buy. A roller skate is no different. As a matter of fact, a good quality skate which optimizes your potential at roller skating, must be comfortable, in addition to other factors that it should also have.

This is important for all, also a professional roller skater, but more so for beginners who are trying to find their feet and have recently taken up the sport. You can try out a pair of roller skates on a rental or through a friend and try to establish what is best in terms of comfort. And then buy one for yourself accordingly.

Soft shell boots are meant to be more comfortable than the hard-shell ones, and for that reason and others, the soft ones are more expensive. The softer ones let you practice and ride for longer hours, and without much discomfort or pain.

Never rush your decision to buy a boot on pricing reasons. It is a foolish idea to compromise on comfort just because you are saving some bucks!


The skates listed above have been professionally tested optimum safety and comfort that makes them ideal for the prescribed kind of skating for adults.

You can pick any of these with the required confidence and trust as they are all great quality products that are meant to last you for years.

Even if you do not find your preferred type of skate on this top 10 list, you can always benefit from the buyer’s guide and tips, which you can use as a checklist in finding the best pair for you (or your loved ones). If you are interested in inline skating, check our recommendation on the best inline skates too. Happy rolling!

Riedell Dart Roller Skates

The Riedell Dart Roller Skates are a great choice for beginner to intermediate skaters. They come with a low top boot that provides flexibility and range of motion. The wheels are 62mm in size, which is a good size for indoor and outdoor skating. The bearings are ABEC-5, which provide a smooth ride.

  • The Riedell skates are high quality and super durable. That is what they are known for and these dart quad roller skates are no exception. They are hand-made and constructed from vinyl material that is both breathable and durable.
  • These adjustable skates offer an easy lace system and a Velcro cinch strap that makes these skates super flexible and easy to wear, and at the same time, keeps the feet secure.
  • They also feature ABEC-5 ball bearings (with polished steel) for super-smooth rolling, due to reduced friction.
  • They are designed with ‘safety first’ in mind and have a low and comfy fit wrapping around the ankle region.
  • The roller derby skates have 62mm and 93A hardness polyurethane wheels that are designed to offer the rider with added grip and toughness to the overall structure of the skates.
  • The price range of these Riedell quad roller skates is between $115-$158.83, which is what you should expect to pay for a high-quality brand like Riedell.
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