Should You Wear a Helmet to Roller Skate? Staying Roller Skating Safe

Impressed by your roller skater friends and trying to be as cool as them? Well, there is nothing wrong with learning the same skating tricks as them if you take care of your safety. Roller skating is a thrilling sport which young people are particularly drawn to. It is both fun and exciting, which makes it popular among teens too.


However, roller skating can be dangerous if you are even slightly careless. So, you have to wear a helmet when you go roller skating. Wearing a helmet is also necessary in some places as per the local jurisdiction. Even if the law does not require you to wear one, you should do so for your safety.

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Most People Hate Feeling Stupid when Wearing a Helmet

Keeping in view the discomfort that helmets cause, do you need a helmet for roller skating? Well, it is true that wearing a helmet makes you feel constricted, and it can be uncomfortable. Your friends might even make fun of you for looking silly while wearing a helmet. But, it is important that you wear one regardless. It will not only protect your head from injuries but will also help avoid legal issues.

Many accidents occur when you go roller skating on roads with vehicular traffic. Car drivers are sometimes unable to see an approaching roller skater, which leads to collisions. It can be avoided when you are wearing a helmet, as it makes you more visible to drivers. Increased visibility helps drivers adjust their speed according to your skating speed. Thus, it minimizes the accidents further, even if you feel stupid when wearing a helmet.

You might feel uncool when you wear a helmet for roller skating. But, all the exposure to the sun and pollutants in the environment ruins your skin. While roller-skating under the scorching sun, you have to deal with UV rays as well. While you are roller skating, you catch dust and dirt on your face, which can cause heat burn and other skin conditions as well. Hence, wearing a helmet helps you protect your skin from sun damage as well.


Tending to head injuries is crucial in terms of the sensitivity of the injuries. In addition, it is quite expensive. These injuries can even lead to prolonged hospital stays that are not easy to afford. This is why it is better to wear a helmet to avoid having to spend on hospital charges and medication.

The only downside to wearing a helmet for roller skating is that it can feel uncomfortable. Some people think that they will look uncool with a helmet. But, having a cool helmet will make you look more sporty. So, the pros of a roller-skating helmet outweigh the cons by a long shot. Hence, you should develop a habit of having a helmet on wherever you go roller skating.

You can minimize the level of discomfort you feel while wearing a helmet by buying the right helmet that fits your head snugly. The best helmet for roller skating is one that fits you best. It should not be so tight that it causes your head to feel constricted. You can also get a helmet with aesthetic prints or logos on it to look cool. In order to stay comfortable, you can wear a helmet with straps so that it does not slip while you go skating.

Most Important Reasons to Wear a Helmet

Statistically speaking, around 11,000 hospital visits are due to head injuries that occur during inline roller skating. If everyone starts being responsible and wears a helmet, then this figure can be brought down. Head injuries are critical as they can be fatal, so they should be avoided at all costs. And wearing a helmet significantly decreases the chances of a head injury, so you should wear one.

Wearing a helmet can quite literally be life-saving if you run into traffic or have a fall. Being a daredevil seems cool for a while, but your life is more important. So, when should you wear a helmet to roller skater? Here are some situations where it is crucial to wear a helmet to optimize your safety.

Participating in a Roller Derby

Roller derby is one of the most fun variations of roller skating, but it has a high occurrence of injuries. The opposing teams try to beat each other at the game. It can be highly competitive, which makes people skate at a faster pace than regular roller skating. Helmets are mandatory for roller derby as it involves a lot of people that might collide with each other.

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Roller Skating in Streets

Roller skating indoors requires you to be careful as you need to prevent falls and collisions. However, you need to take extra care while roller skating outdoors as there are more hurdles to deal with. Wearing a helmet becomes even more crucial when you are roller skating in streets with vehicular traffic. Any unexpected car or bike can lead to a fatal accident. Hence, you have to wear a helmet when you go roller skating in the street.

Roller Skating in Streets


When Roller Skating in a Skate Park

Roller skating rinks are best for skating as they have all the safety measures in place. The enclosed areas do not let roller skaters skate at ridiculous speeds. Skaters are also a lot more careful in the rinks than in the parks. However, when you go roller skating in a skate park, a helmet is a must. Skate parks have many half-pipes and other hurdles that can lead to accidents. They increase the probability of head injuries, so wearing a helmet for skating in skate parks is highly recommended. People tend to be more careful when they are roller skating in rinks. But, they can sometimes be careless while trying new tricks on the ramps and hurdles.

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Local Laws

Well, most states do not have a legal binding to wear a helmet for roller skating. But in some places, there is a jurisdiction making the use of helmets compulsory for roller skating. And, states that have a compulsion for roller skating helmets can be very strict about it. You will land a ticket of $20 to $50 if you are not wearing a helmet. Even though it does not bring a red mark to your driving record, it is still a time-consuming process. So, you must wear a helmet if you live in a state where a helmet is necessary as per the law.

What Kind Of Injuries can Wearing a Helmet Prevent?

Wearing a helmet is essential as it prevents a lot of injuries. Here are some major injuries that you can avoid with a helmet on.


When you have a helmet on your head, it can help you avoid any cuts on your scalp. It does not let your head come in contact with sharp objects. This way, there are no cuts or infections in your head, even if you fall while wearing a helmet.


Roller skaters can get a brain injury or concussion when they have a collision or fall while skating. But, it can be avoided if you are wearing a skating helmet.

Skull Fracture

The human skull is strong enough to protect the brain, but skull fractures can be fatal. If you are not wearing a helmet and collide with something, then you might get a skull fracture. This makes it necessary for you to wear a helmet to prevent such serious injuries.

Summing it all up, there are no legal consequences of ditching a skating helmet in most places. But, wearing one can help you prevent major head injuries and even death sometimes. So, you should always wear a helmet as safety comes first.

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