Roller Skates Under $100 (Always Updated)

This guide aims to introduce to some of the top roller-skating brands available in the market at economical prices, and at the same time not compromising on quality, features and functionality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Roller Skates

Before you start shopping for roller skates, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Skill Level

Are you a beginner or an experienced skater? The type of roller skates you choose will depend on your skill level. Beginner skaters may want to look for skates with a lower top speed and more stability, while experienced skaters may prefer skates with higher top speeds and greater maneuverability.

Intended Use

What do you plan on using your roller skates for? Will you be skating indoors or outdoors? Are you looking to do tricks or just cruise around? The type of skating you plan on doing will affect the type of skates you should choose.

Boot Type

Roller skates come in two main boot types: high-top and low-top. High-top boots offer more ankle support and are generally recommended for beginner skaters or those with weak ankles. Low-top boots offer greater freedom of movement and are often preferred by more experienced skaters.

Wheel Type and Size

The type and size of wheels you choose will depend on the type of skating you plan on doing. Smaller wheels are better for tricks and maneuvers, while larger wheels are better for speed and outdoor skating. Harder wheels are better for indoor skating, while softer wheels are better for outdoor skating.

Best 10 Roller Skates Under $100

Here we have shortlisted the top 10 roller skate gloves for your review and consideration. Let us consider the features, functionality and their pros and cons, so you can eventually make an informed decision.

Chicago Men’s Classic Roller Skates

The hand made and imported Chicago Rink Skate offers its riders a controlled high top for added safety along with good quality laces for optimum protection. This is a much-needed feature to keep your feet safe, comfortable and secure.

The urethane wheels are meant to be sturdy and resilient and can withstand the usual wear and tear that happens during skating. They also offer great traction and control and allow for improved shock absorption and overall durability. The semi-precision bearings ensure that you keep rolling seamlessly and at good speeds. The sturdy aluminum base has double adjustable trucks that can be customized to your requirements.

This iconic Rink Skate is specially designed for gliding purposes and at the same time, is also a renowned choice for all-around rink and social skating for many years. It offers an aluminum base plate and adjustable truck that makes for easy and seamless turning and control. It can be safely used for indoor and outdoor skating.

The athletic style boot fitting is comfortable due to the traditional high-top profile of the boots that offer enhanced ankle support as well as a basic eyelet/speed hook lacing system that conveniently lets you adjust your boots to suit your fitting on the go.

The large front brakes are as classic as they get, and are still renowned for their top-quality, reliability and ease of stopping and starting. The padded ankle collar is an added comfort feature that sets it apart from standard skates in the market.

C SEVEN C7skates Soft Faux Leather Quad Roller Skates

These C7 soft faux skates are versatile and cool fashioned. They are designed on a retro model but with a trendy twist to it – thanks to its classic heeled boot which features a high-top style as well as laces with multiple colors that add to its personality. They have a sleek and slim shape which makes them lightweight and manageable. These skates are a no-nonsense product which do not contain any overdone high-tech features, but rather focusses on comfort and durability, and to adapt to your style of skating, whatever that may be.

They are versatile as they can be used for multiple occasions seamlessly such as for jamming during disco hours or even when you are having outdoor fun with your buddies. No matter what your activity, they are bound to offer you the right support that you need when you are on the go.

The quality of the skates is unquestionable. It features 54 mm 95A wheels (54 X 32mm with a 95A durometer) for maximized agility and mobility when on the skate rink. It also includes ABEC 6 bearings which are super sturdy and offer unmatched reliability.

The design incorporates a boot that is soft in texture and pliable. It is not too bulky in shape or size and hence will not let you weigh down with its weight or dimensions. It adapts to your feet in no time and offers a comfort fit.

It has a sleek and stylish design which, amongst other factors, make it an ideal skate for kids of all ages and size, who are starting off at the skating rink. It is for this reason that these skates can be a great gift item for them on birthdays or X-mas.

The sizing of these skates is spot on and allows for a snug fit that is comfortable for both, kids as well as adults. The soft faux leather material, as the name suggests, is super adaptable and comfortable.

The design on these skates is meant to prolong the life of the product and suits the routine practices that it expects to be exposed to.

Regardless of whether you are on the rink or on the pavement, C7skates provide you with reliable wheels and make up, that will readily adapt to you style of skating. The wheels are sturdy and durable and are meant to absorb the day to day shocks that you will expose it to.

These skates have evolved with the passage of time, based on the customers’ feedback, blending some unique features relating to complete comfort and optimum performance.

The skates are available in a variety of cool and fun colors that let you display your fashion statement and hence your personality with utmost confidence.

These C7 skates are available in the price range of $54.95 – $54.99.

Epic Skates Star Hydra Indoor/Outdoor High-Top Quad Roller Skates

Epic Star Hydra Black and Blue quad roller skates offer high-top sneaker design that will give the rider added ankle support without compromising on the comfort.

Epic Star skates can be an ideal choice for anyone, whether you are a novice skater or someone with intermediate skills.

It is particularly popular amongst the kids, given the superb features on added comfort and styling that they have incorporated on the existing classic skates.

These Epic Star skates come standard with a lot of value-added features such as nylon plates (which are lightweight and sturdy), double action trucks, indoor/outdoor polyurethane wheels, non-marking toe stops, and couple of pair of laces.

Its dimensions are: 16 inches long x 16 inches wide x 16 inches high. The skates weigh around 7 pounds and are available in blue and black.

Some other important specifications of these Epic Star boots include 2 pair of laces (blue stars and stripes & black), comfortable padded collars, classic high-top shoe design, enhanced ankle support, abec-3 8mm precision speed bearings, nylon plates with double action trucks, indoor/outdoor fixed wheels, and non-adjustable toe stops (which do not offer as much flexibility as you would expect from adjustable ones).

These Epic Skates Star are available in the price range of $56.02 – $75.49.

Pacer Black Mach-5 GTX500 Quad Speed Roller Skates

The Mach-5 GTX500 quad skate incorporates a comfortable boot with tons of padding, which allows you to skate in the rink for countless hours. It is an ideal product for someone who is a beginner or an entry level quad speed skater or roller derby skater.

The key specifications include Black Pacer GTX-500 comfortable speed boots with a cinch strap, BEVO ABEC-3 top quality chrome steel AAA rated bearings, Zytel Nylon plates with double action trucks that enhances durability of the overall product, Mach-5 63mm x 35mm all- purpose speed wheels that offer amazing grip, and fixed toe stops.

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

Chicago takes a lot of pride in producing some of the best quality skates available to masses – these Women’s classic roller skates are no exception.

These hand-made and imported classic quad skates offer traditional high-top profile rink pattern boots that offer focused protection to your ankles. It incorporates an easy lacing system with eyelets and speed hooks that are adjustable and provide for a great fit. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

It has an aluminum base plate with double adjustable truck and chassis, jump bar and adjustable toe stop (5/8” in size) for effortless turning and control.

The Chicago quad skates incorporate an athletic style boot with a padded ankle collar that is guaranteed to offer you optimum comfort.

The big and high-impact urethane wheels measure around 60mm and includes an oversized spoke core. These skates also include double adjustable chassis and trucks that can be easily customized to tailor the boots to your specific requirements.

The boot is constructed from durable vinyl that is meant to enhance its life. The urethane spoke core wheels with 608Z semi precision speed bearings offers the rider enhanced traction and control and protects the skates from routine wear and tear of the activity.

These skates are a true classic (by setting the rink standards for over 40 years now) and are ideal for your kids who are just starting out at the rink or even for those who are looking to have some old-fashioned enjoyment.

These skates are available in white color and multiple size ranges such as youth sizes (1 – 5), ladies’ sizes (6 – 11).

The large front brakes are quintessential classic feature of the Chicago skates and are ideal for instant starts and stops and adds to the superior quality and reliability of the product.

These Chicago Women skates are available in the price range of $48.58 – $114.94.

Chicago Bullet Men’s Speed Roller Skate – Black

The Chicago brand takes heaps of pride in manufacturing some of the best quality classic roller skates that you see on the market these days – this Bullet Men’s Speed Rollers in Black are no exception!

These Chicago Bullet Men’s roller skates are a classic and strategically designed to race. Having said that, they have also been used for all-around rink and recreational skating for many years.

These skates present a controlled low-cut boot design which allows greater movement as well as top quality laces for optimum safety. These features, in turn, ensure that your feet are always comfortable and secure during the activity.

The skates are renowned for their stability and control, given the wide 62mm urethane wheels that they have, along with precision bearings and top of the line fixed axels. These are the technical features you need for any high-quality speed skates that will afford you the requisite control, speed, and stability.

They provide you with maximum comfort due to the durability and dependability of vinyl used, as well as an easy lace closure system. The easy lacing allows maximum adjustment in an efficient manner and makes the whole skating experience easy and convenient for the skater.

In addition to the high rebound speed urethane wheels, some other important specifications of these skates include double action adjustable aluminum trucks, ABEC 1 precision speed bearings, a padded collar with heel pull loop, a power strap for easy adjustment and flexibility, and athletic style low cut boot which gives the rider optimum mobility.

The large front brakes (as you would expect in a classic model) are ideal for instant and quick starts and stops that you would want. They have withstood the test of time and have been considered as high quality and reliable by skaters’ world over for many years.

These Chicago Bullet Men roller skates are available in the price range of $39.98 – $69.99.

Roller Derby Star 600 Women’s Quad Skate

The Roller Derby Star 600 comes with a freestyle comfort fit boot which has padded lining, soft high-top design, reinforced heel support, and lace closure.

It is a great skate for recreational purposes. The full lace boot affords ankle support for greater stability and comfort. This American brand has been the top producer of skating products for 80 years and over, with unmatched performance, looks and designs. For best sizes, you can refer to the general and sizing information at

Some of its fantastic features include synthetic faux leather uppers, classic laces for a snuggly fit, lightweight chassis that has integrated urethane cushions and real trucks, RTX Pro chassis, 56mm urethane indoor/outdoor wheels, seamless rolling 608ZB carbon sealed bearings, non-marking toe stop on both the skates and superb control when you turn, cruise, or dance.

These Roller Derby Star skates are available at a stunning cost of $49.99 only.

Riedell Skates – RW Wave – Kids Quad Roller Skates for Indoor / Outdoor

Riedell Skates was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota almost 70 years ago, with the aim to produce and provide the finest quality skates that can be bought in the market. They made skates available to people of all ages and abilities. This product focusses on kids, who intend to practice skating indoors or outdoors.

These skates are simple to use and at the same time offer a comfortable fit and detailed designing. These roller skates are adjustable as they have an easy lace system, which makes it super quick and efficient for kids to wear and take off.

They are super durable and can be used by kids for casual roller skating. They come with a soft padded lining which is incorporated with particularly the kids in mind.

These quad roller skates will guarantee you multiple smooth rides for years to comes and pride themselves on the quality bearings that they contain.

Since this is a kid focused product, they offer enhanced security designing so your kids can ride this with the peace of mind and requisite safety.

The wheels are of superior quality that have high-rebound urethane wheels. These offer added grip for the kids, regardless of the surface that they are riding on.

They are ideal for beginners as well as slightly experienced casual or recreational skaters.

The RW Wave Junior is your best bet when it comes to styling and comfort and that too at a great price.

In addition to the high-rebound urethane wheels, this outdoor quad skate comes standard with prism aluminum plate and full-precision bearings to ensure a joyful ride for your kids.

These skates are fitted by the experts with extensive knowledge in the industry regarding comfort and performance related technologies.

These Riedell Quad roller skates for kids are available for a very reasonable price of $79.00.

Pacer GTX-500 Quad Roller Skates

The Pacer GTX-500 comes with recent updates, which makes it the ideal skating product, specifically for rink skating. The black color version comes with matching black booth and black wheels, whereas the white colored ones have white boots and pink wheels.

The boots are constructed from synthetic leather and feature Velcro Strap to ensure that the laces are always kept away from the wheels, for safety purposes.

It also features nylon pates that have a fixed toe stop, which is solid and easily maintainable. This makes the skates lightweight but durable at the same time. Talking about lightweight, the chassis on these skates are just that!

The Mach-5 63mm x 35mm wheels are designed for indoor usage and have ABEC-3 Bearings, which guarantees them a longer life and smoother rolling with the passage of time, subject to routine maintenance. These wheels also incorporate speed grooves for improved performance.

The sturdy boots on these skates are great for your feet support and add stability and enhances the overall skating experience. This is complemented by the soft and comfortable liner cushioning that keep the feet comfy and safe at all times.

The material within the booth has moisture-wick properties and helps to keep your feet dry during those intense skating sessions.

The laces have a classic design that provides the wearer with a customized fit, depending on the skating preferences.

The safety of the skates is augmented by the strap shields laces and heel lock that also adds to the support system for the feet.

The turning control is immaculate which is attributable to the adjustable trucks with cushioning. The stability and security of the skates is enhanced by the G-Force 608ZB sealed bearings.

These skates are ideal for use at the roller rink, or even outdoors on paved trails, sidewalks, and boardwalks.

These shoe on the skates correspond to the US shoe sizes, which can be worn with thicker winter socks or insole if required (not included with this product).

These Pacer GTX-500 roller skates are available within the price range of $79.00 – $84.99.

Roces 550030 Model Chuck Roller Skate

Roces Womens Chuck Fitness Quads Roller Skates were designed in Italy and have a classic sneaker shape.

It comes with a denim looking canvas upper in navy color. The shoe is elegant looking with a velvet lining that is bound to turn your heads.

It comes with a front lace closure and flaunts 52×32 mm/85A PVC wheels. With these skates, you get what you see, and it also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Some of its specifications include assorted color combinations, sneaker sole, plastic PVC frame, PVC stopper and abec1 bearings.

These Roces 550030 roller skates are available within the price range of $76.41 – $99.95.


In conclusion, finding a great pair of roller skates under $100 is possible with the right research and considerations.

When choosing roller skates, be sure to consider your skill level, intended use, boot type, and wheel type and size. The options mentioned in this article are all great choices for budget-friendly roller skates. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, there’s a pair of roller skates under $100 out there for you.


What should I look for when buying roller skates under $100?

When buying roller skates under $100, consider your skill level, intended use, boot type, and wheel type and size.

What type of wheels are best for outdoor skating?

Larger, softer wheels are generally best for outdoor skating.

Should I choose high-top or low-top boots?

High-top boots offer more ankle support, while low-top boots offer greater freedom of movement.

What are ABEC bearings?

ABEC bearings are a rating system used to measure the precision of roller skate bearings.

Can adults wear kids’ roller skates?

It is possible for adults to wear kids’ roller skates, but it is important to choose a size that fits properly for optimal comfort and performance.

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